I love My Boyfriend shirt

by on April 8, 2011

Super cute and only $15 with free shipping!! go Get yourself an I love my Boyfriend shirt today!

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Handmade Jewelry: The Kabbalah Bracelet

by on November 16, 2011

The Kabbalah bracelet would make an excellent unique gift this upcoming holiday season for anyone who you would like to see kept safe and protected. You can either choose to purchase this beautiful form of jewelry from a specialty store or you can make it even more special by creating the bracelet yourself. Handmade jewelry always makes a wonderful gift because it shows the recipient how much you truly care about them since you took the time to design and create a lovely piece of art that they can wear proudly.

The meaning behind the Kabbalah Bracelet

There are several different types of the Kabbalah bracelet out there, one of the most popular would have to be the Evil Eye bracelet. This oftentimes handmade jewelry features a charm that resembles an eye. The story of the evil eye is that if someone gazes upon something that you own such as a fruit tree, livestock or even your small child, that person could bring harm upon those things if they happen to stare for too long. If an individual is wearing an evil eye amulet or charm, then they will be protected from this harmful curse.

Other types of Kabbalah bracelet or necklaces have been known to bring people strength and power when they needed it most, and many of them are also used for protection against evil spirits.

Other meaningful Handmade Jewelry that would make Excellent Gifts

Some other popular handmade jewelry items that have a deeper meaning include feng shui jewelry, which is used to bring the owner luck and good fortune by the use of several different charms. And the Hamsa hand charm bracelets and necklaces, which keep a watchful eye, out for the owner and bring them protection. All of these jewelry types are available many decorative colors and adorned with precious stones such as crystals or garnets.

The Feng Shui jewelry charms typically resemble a sacred animal to the Chinese people such as a Phoenix, a Dragon and a tortoise. The mystic knot as well as other charms such as hearts, keys and Yin & Yang is also commonly used in Feng Shui jewelry.

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An engagement ring may signify true love, but it’s the wedding ring that takes it a step further. Wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of love, devotion and commitment and mark the start of your life together as a married couple, being a way to show your solidarity and true feelings for each other.

This all means that you need to choose the rings that are perfect for you, with the feelings of both partners needing to be taken into account. The rings need to perfectly complement each other and will usually be created and bought together, being another way to signify connection. They could be made of yellow or white gold, or perhaps platinum is more your thing – it all comes down to personal preference, but with a wedding ring being far more than a piece of jewellery you simply can’t go wrong.

You could go for simple bands, or you could go further than that for something a bit different. Diamonds are a great addition to any wedding ring and can give the already stunning piece of jewellery a special touch, with the added sparkle instantly catching your eye and those of any onlookers. With a diamond or two sprinkled in you can’t fail to fall in love all over again, and with plenty of options there’s bound to be something that captures your feelings perfectly.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding ring set to start your life together, you need to come to us. We’ve got plenty of options to choose from and you could even create your own according to your unique preferences, so come to us today and find the rings that are perfect for the two of you.

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Clean designs, quality materials, and bold looks are in this summer. Jewelry lovers can expect to see some neutral tones in jewelry. Citrine, grey pearls, lemon quartz and champagne diamonds will be smart picks for those who want to be in with the trends. There’s also one thing that never goes out of style, and that’s diamond rings.

I was looking online this past weekend and came across Ernest Jones, a highly reputable retailer of fine jewelery and diamonds and was impressed with not only their quality, but large selection.

Take a look at one of my favorite diamond rings below.

Another Jewellery store I came across was H. Samuel the Jeweler. I fell in love with their Truth Silver & White Friendship Bracelet ( see below)

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Sunuk Women’s Sandals

by on April 11, 2011

Finding the perfect beach shoe can be quite a task when it comes to shopping around. The majority of the time in the malls will lead you to swimming flippers, thongs, or beach sneakers. This really wasn’t what you were looking for in the first place. Don’t be discouraged though because you can still find a quality shoe that is fit for both the beach and “board walking”. If you have never heard of the Sanuk June Bug Sidewalk Surfers, you are definitely missing out! In fact, so many women are wearing them today because of their lovely color selection and the comfort they provide. Although most of these shoes seem extinct in most retail stores, you can still find them online. We know that there are quite a few stores online still offers them.

These fashionable shoes are not only an eye catcher, but also will cater to the requirements of your feet. While most shoes similar to these will not meet beach standards, these were built with a strong sole. This is to protect you from stepping on certain objects such as rocks or sticks, which often is abundant at the beaches. You will also be able to walk on a flat sidewalk or board area. With shoes this diverse, you can pretty much do anything. However, you should keep in mind that these shoes are not for sports. They are mainly for relaxing and light walking.

One reason why we absolutely adore these Sunuk Women’s Sandals is because of their durability. They are bendable and strong, made of materials like the Vulc-Lite footbed. They also have an upper layer that is similar to that of a canvas. As we mentioned before, these shoes come in 4 other different colors. The Sanuk Junebug Sidewalk Surfers are available in either black, brown, sage or white. Each one has a particular printing pattern inside. For example, the black ones have light green and white inside. As for the white ones, they have light pink and purple patterns within.

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Moncler Jackets for All Sizes

by on November 29, 2010

Are you facing problem finding the perfect jacket for yourself? Well if that is the case, then you would need to check out Moncler jackets, not for the size, but first for the type of jacket, you are looking for. At HQMoncler.com, you would find hundreds of winters wear to choose from and surprisingly you would get almost all sizes for all the designs, be it men, women or kids. The discounts are applicable to all sizes too. So, if you are looking for a designer jacket for your size, then Moncler has all the answers for you. 

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Biotiful Tote Bag

by on November 12, 2010

My Biotiful Bag Tote Bag in many colors

If you want to be chic and eco conscientious with the newest in eco-Friendly. My Biotiful Bag Tote is as cute as it is convenient, perfect for the market or the office. It’s 100% organic cotton and 100% fashionable! Interior pocket. Double tote handles.

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Maxi Dresses for winter

by on November 12, 2010

As the depression of winter arrives and we all reach for those comfy, warm woollen jumpers and thick tights, the cries of women everywhere can be heard; “Where are those summer trends with their floaty dresses and feminine looks?” Fear not: this season sports the return of the maxi dress, but not as you know it!

The maxi makes its triumphant return to winter fashion to be teamed up with anything from thick tights to fur lined cardigans (fake of course). Velvet is also featuring strongly in the winter maxi, perfect for those Christmas parties, as well as a stylish and classic way to keep warm. What better way to keep warm than to shop for these styles online with all must-have collections in one place at www.very.co.uk.

Stocking all of this seasons must haves, from some of the biggest designers www.very.co.uk is a must visit for any shopping spree. Necklaced maxi dresses are big this autumn, with the hottest brands, such as Oasis and Elise Ryan, revealing stunning examples of these. The rouched look is also featured heavily in the reinvention of the maxi; a perfect example being a gold lurex design dress with a rouched front bandeau from Oasis. The addition of removable straps to many of the dresses also helps give the maxi a new dimension and can be mixed and matched to dramatically change the appearance of any dress.

With such a wide range of maxi dresses out there you can find the perfect dress for any occasion, wrapping up warm for that casual night out or night in and even the office party is covered in this new range. Teamed with boots or a perfect pair of heels, big chunky necklaces and bracelets, or keeping it simple with delicate chains and earrings, the maxi will keep heads turning this autumn.

Whatever you are looking for from a dress this season the maxi has it covered and all are a simple click away at www.very.co.uk. So prolong that summer fun and head online today.’

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The Raleigh hobo by Cole Haan

by on November 10, 2010

Cole Haan Raleigh Hobo - pink handbag

Fans of rich, top-quality leather needn’t look any further. The Raleigh hobo by Cole Haan has what you’re seeking. It also features a classic shape, pretty braided handles, and an attached zip pouch for small items you need to access quickly.

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Treesje bag

by on November 10, 2010

Treesje bags offer up-to-the minute styling with the most luxe leather imaginable. Every bag is constructed with painstaking care and flawless detailing — supple leathers and gorgeous colors are the hallmark of this celebrity-favorite brand. Influenced by art, language and a unique color palette adopted from different regions of the world, Treesje’s founders are inspired to capture femininity and originality in every piece they create. Treesje devotee’s include starlets and celebrities as well as fashion-forward shoppers all across the country. See more of this bag here

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